My child just came out as gay/lesbian/transgender or other gender non-conforming identity… What does it mean? How did this happen to me? What did I do wrong? Who should I tell? Should I tell my other children? What about religion? What about partners? How can I support my child? Why is he/she telling me? Could she/he not keep it to themselves? What will everyone think? Am I going to be singled out as a “bad” parent? (“Supporting Parents” BeLonG To Youth Services Web. 10/24/2015)


If these questions resonate with you, please join other parents in a professionally facilitated support group led by Dr. Annie Abram. She is offering a series of small groups of weekly meetings for parents of LGBTQ to talk about the concerns they face when their children come out. The group will meet for a defined period of time (6 – 8 weeks) with committed members. She will help them address the array of emotions they feel in the wake of a child’s announcement.


“Parents may feel hurt, confused, angry or devastated,” Dr. Abram says. “Even though the world is changing for LGBTQ people, parents continue to have deep concerns and fears about their gender non-conforming children. Some parents feel tremendous grief and guilt when they find out their child is not who they thought he or she was.” It is very helpful to have a safe place and community to share these deeply felt thoughts and feelings with others going through a similar experience.


Dr. Annie Abram PhD, LCSW has treated LGBTQ kids, and consulted with their parents to help support them as well as their children. In addition, she has produced nearly a dozen podcasts, and blogs interviewing experts on LGBTQ life and concerns. All of these experts agree that parental acceptance of a child’s selfidentiry identity is of crucial importance.


Dr. Abram is addressing LGBTQ parental issues, as a response to the number of inquiries she has received from LGBTQ parents.


“Society has come a long way,” Dr. Abram says. “But parents often experience pain and confusion when a child comes out”.


To learn more about Dr. Abram’s group, call 203-299-0478, or email:




  • Thursdays
  • Evening Group: 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  • Call or email for next available enrollment days/dates
  • Fee $275 per person for six weeks

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